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Commonly Asked Questions from the Females

Q1 Can I register even though I only qualify for short-term visa?
A1 Yes, you may register.
Q2 Can I register even though I am half Japanese and American?
A2 If you are half Japanese and nationality of any other country, anyone can register.
Q3 Can Asians register as well?
A3 Yes, you may register.
Q4 Who will I get the money from? How will I get paid?
A4 Our club does not handle any payment; the genetleman who introduced you will directly give you the money. Furthermore, you do not need a bank account, as it is not paid via bank deposit.
Q5 Will I need to pay income tax, or declare it on my tax return?
A5 You will not need to pay income tax, as you are not an employee of our club, and are simply receiving the money directly from the gentleman who introduced you. Furthermore, you will not be expected to declare it as well.
Q6 Can I still register if I am not eligible for employment, and only qualify for short-term visa?
A6 You do not need to be eligible for employment, as you are not working for our club, and we are simply providing a community of introducing gentlemen who are economically stable.
Q7 Do I need to live in Tokyo to register?
A7 You may register from any part of Japan.
Q8 What should I do if you introduce me to someone who is not my type?
A8 Please turn the offer down without any hesitation. Our club's motto is "free love."
You may also terminate your relationship after meeting someone, such as when you don't really fit together, or if you desire something different.
Q9 Does the female get rejected by the male at times?
A9 Yes.
Please politely respond as an adult.
Q10 Can you register without anyone knowing?
A10 Please be rest assured. Our club implements a comprehensive security system to protect personal information.
In addition, our interviews are completely on a reservation basis, and you will not see or meet any other clients or registration candidates.
Furthermore, we don't disclose any of your information, including your real name, contact information to our male clients. Please feel free to come in without any hesitation whatsoever.
Q11 Can I still register even if I live in an inland?
A11 Yes.
We greatly appreciate registrations outside of the Kanto area.
Q12 Will my photo get published on the internet if I enroll?
A12 We do not publicly disclose our female member's profile on our club's homepage, and will not be viewable to anyone other than our male clients, so please be rest assured.
Q13 How are you different from a dating website?
A13 The difference is that our member's identification is legitimate.
It's different from a typical dating site, where anyone can register and pretend to be someone else; we verify the identification of both our male and female members at the time of enrollment at our office.
Q14 What kind of male clients do you have?
A14 We limit our male clients to business owners, doctors, lawyers, accounts and other professionals who are 35 years and older, as well as those with high earnings of at least 30 million yen.
Q15 When will I be requested to see them?
A15 It will differ for each person, so we cannot give any general answers.
Some ladies get appointed immediately right after registration, some meet for the first time several weeks afterwards, and some suddenly get two appointments half a year afterwards, but generally, it is easier to get appointed right after registration.
Q16 Do members get into any problems down the road?
A16 Men are required to submit identification at the time of enrollment, and we check it thoroughly.
Furthermore, our registered males have high social status, and hence, you will not have to worry about getting involved in crimes, etc.
Q17 Can you freely contact the males that you were introduced to?
A17 After introduction, you don't need to communicate via the club, and will be able to decide for themselves of how to proceed with the relationship, whether to exchange contact information, etc.

Commonly Asked Questions from the Men

Q1 What kind of female members are registered with your club?
A1 Foreign females currently living in Japan who 18 years and over, and have proper identification.
They are looking for a Japanese gentleman to date.
Q2 Is it possible to switch from Gold Membership to Platinum Membership?
A2 Yes. Please contact us first. We will process your request upon verifying the payment to cover for the difference of the membership fee.
Q3 Can I still register even if I live inland?
A3 Yes
Please fill out the required field on the application form via the payment system page.
After registration, you can select anyone you wish from the member's page, and we will coordinate a date and time for when you visit Tokyo next time.
Q4 I would like to know the terms and conditions and the flow of the date in which the females generally expect.
A4 Since you are free to date however you wish, there are no regulations on specific terms and conditions for dating. You will directly discuss that with your date upon meeting.
Q5 Does the male ever get rejected by the female?
A5 Yes. Since we are not a sex shop, your relationship with someone is not guaranteed.
Also, if you lack proper hygiene or have an overbearing attitude, that might turn your date off, so please be nice and gentleman-like.
Q6 Can you turn down a date yourself?
A6 Yes
Please turn your date down respectfully. However, you are required to always give your female date 10,000 yen for their transportation cost.
In addition, please acknowledge that we are not able to introduce someone else for replacement.
Q7 How do we meet up on the day of?
A7 We will let you know how your date will dress beforehand, which will guide you to find your date on the day of.
Q8 I am interested in foreign females, but I've never had such encounter, and can't speak English that well, but am I still eligible?
A9 Yes.
We have a lot of registered foreign females who can speak Japanese fluently.
Their profile reveals their Japanese speaking level, which you can use as a reference.
Furthermore, language is important, but the most important thing between a man and woman is your thoughtfulness in trying to understand the other person.
If you have the heart to do so, a foreign female will also strive to understand you as well.
Q9 What is the objective of dating for the female, and what are they looking for?
A9 We provide a service of matching financially stable men with women who are beautiful on the inside and outside.
Furthermore, the details of dating can be decide by you and your date without restriction after being introduced.
Q10 What do you need for registration?
A10 You would need to fill out the registration form and present a proper ID.
You would also need to pay any registration fees during the enrollment process.
Q11 Where do your clients usually meet up with their female date?
A11 We recommend meeting at a city hotel's lobby or lounge.
We refrain from having our members meet on the street or in front of a station for the first time, as it is difficult to coordinate it.
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