for women

For ladies who would like to

・Expand their social network in Japan
・Have a Japanese boyfriend
・Find a Japanese marriage partner
・Go to tourist attractions in Japan with someone
・Practice speaking Japanese
・Be supported (rent, living costs) and live more comfortably
・Get advice and be supported to achieve your dream and goals

Qualifications for Registration

  • Ladies between 18 and about 45 years old who had passed the club's interview
    ※We still welcome ladies over 45 for those who are confident in their appearance as well as their inner beauty.
    ※We will consider those without photogenic photos or who are models on a case-by-case basis.
  • Those who have good manner, can make promises and efficiently reply to communication from the club
  • We greatly welcome those who can be punctual with time, as well as first timers.

If you're even slightly interested, you can come in for an interview without any obligations.
Our staff will properly answer any doubts or questions you might have. Please feel free to contact us.

Process Flow - Registration to Meet Up

How to Apply

We conduct interviews at our Roppongi office, which is only done through appointments.
※ Please bring an ID (one ID such as alien registration card, passport, etc.) for age verification.

1)Please make an appointment via the registration form, email or telephone.

2)On the day of the interview, we will create your profile and take your photograph.

3)We will contact you and setup the meet up when one of our male clients views your profile and appoints you.

4)On the day of, please enjoy a wonderful time on your date.

※You can decide to register or not after the interview.
※Registration time differs for each person, but it usually takes about an hour.
※Our club does not interfere with the specific details of the relationship between our members; after being introduced, the two of you will be solely responsible, and to determine the terms and conditions of your relationship.

Regarding the Profile Picture

If you wish to register after the interview, we will take your profile photo.
※ If you are hesitant about revealing your identity via profile photo, please consult with us during the interview.

Costs and Registration Fee

You will not incur any registration or annual fees. Please rest assured that you will not incur any fee for canceling your membership.

Prohibited Conducts

・Leaking secrets or information of our male clients to a third party or on the internet
・Conducts or behaviors that would jeopardize our club's standards
・ Intentional conducts or behaviors that would be unpleasant to our male clients
・Canceling your date without permission or being significantly late
・Illegal conducts or crimes


・ You will be immediately removed from our system if we determine that any of the aforementioned terms has been violated.
・ You will be liable to compensate if you give any psychological or financial damages to our male clients or to our club as a result of the aforementioned conducts, or by any other means.
・ We prohibit registration of anyone who is suspected of using drugs, etc., related to gangsters or those who fit similar criteria.

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